Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When shall I begin?

The Time is Now
Life happens.  Schedules need rearranging.  But starting and soon is the better scenario.

Working styles vary and possibly even change over time.  Identifying what works and then committing is the first step.  Setting up for success is the next.  And hopefully follow through and a finish is the reward.  But starting asap is the ideal.

I'm finding routines are becoming more comfortable especially if there is some built in flexibility.  I have found a method of journaling/ planning and memory keeping that works for me.   Mixed media seems to be a constant and I'm setting up a plan /storage set up that makes the doing easy and the clean up a reality.  I am confining my various interests to appropriate seasons.  So winter sees me wondering what what I can physically do to look and act creative.  My stack of reading material is handy.  The sewing machine is ready, the patterns at hand, and the body measurements reconciled.  Jewelry making is a possible. Scarves?  Crocheting is the preferred evening busy work.  I know spring will awaken my decorating tendencies. I can set aside wool and bring out my embroiderie threads and beads.   Summer would be a good time to get messy with dyes and pursue sketching.  Fall somehow makes me restless and I need to figure out how to channel that.  Making journals may play into that and I'd be more apt to experiment with funky fibre and embellishments.

But most of all I need to NOW and Always focus on one or two things and finish them. That is an impetuous in itself.   And there is no time like the present to begin!  :)


Createology said...

This reminds me of "If not NOW...WHEN?" I see the days already flipping fast in the calendar. Still raining here and there is NO sunshine. We may have to build an Ark. You are on the road to Creative Success Dear...

Frances Arnold said...

Great plan for the new get going (and yes, I need to take my own advice)(!!!!

Beth said...

I have to say I really like this new blogging style. It is almost a stream of contagiousness. i find it readable and engaging. I also think the way you think. I have really enjoyed these posts!!!