Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm working on my attitude. I want to post projects that are well on their way to completion. I am identifying what motivates me and gets results. Today is not that day.

I have recognized that to get my bright ideas done I need to find affordable projects that I can do myself. My dear hubby is quite busy right now. I want better cabinets on each side of our small stove in the dining room so I put the old ones in the basement for storage and got 2 better ones.
Getting the old ones down was tricky so I decided to work on the new ones in the corner of the kitchen. I have been following a few DIY blogs and spray painting appeals to me. I could make a spray chamber from a roll of plastic. First I sanded. awk The little dust bag on the sander is pretty much decoration. I dusted and vacuumed the whole downstairs. I had coffee and started again.

I shook the primer for all I was worth, made sure the plastic was in place and pressed firmly. :( I need to go back and read the fine print on those DIY blogs. Then I need to take my unused spray cans back and buy regular spreadable, brushable paint. But first I need to dust and vacuum the whole downstairs. AGAIN
I'm still working on my attitude!


KatieQ said...

I'm always amazed at how easy the DIY blogs make their projects look. I follow "My Repurposed Life" and she just finished redoing her kitchen cabinets. I wish I could work up the nerve to try it. Good luck with your cabinets.

Createology said...

Elle I am certain I have done this in the past. It is very frustrating and quite the mess for indoors. You are a brave soul to tackle this project. I agree...get some brushable paint or spongeable paint or finger paint...but not spray paint in the house. Happy painting to you my dear.
P.S. I love your attitude!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a MESS. I remodeled my kitchen one December and January, so I know exactly what you are talking about. No amount of plastic is going to keep the dust away. It's so disheartening to do it every day and find some of the fine silt has made it through the cracks in the plastic. And yes, that little vac on the sanders are totally useless. I ended up buying a good sander that didn't have one and saved a bunch of change.

Hope your attitude is adjusted for today, dear. And all that dust is gone by now! That last photo says it all.