Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Books are like Popcorn

One isn't enough.
I had ordered Threads - the Basics and Beyond some time ago. I gather it was a hit and I had to wait for more. It looks like a great resource and I'm looking forward to making notes in it as it is spiral bound and it is that kind of book. Threadpainting, free motion embroidery or modifying sewing machine patterns really interests me and our next page challenge is all about a continuous line on a whole cloth background.
A quick trip thru Michael's with my coupon and I was stopped dead in my tracks by The Journal Junkies Workshop. Now to my credit this was a different store and I had no idea this was a book section. I tried because as you can see I don't really need another. But ...
It is now part of that section in my library.
The good news is that I did not get another coupon so that should keep me at home for a good while. And it does take me a bit to get off of the current tangent I get on but I do think I am ready to make marks on the new year goals and they shall pretty much relate to staying home and making many marks and messes as I begin a visual journey with the Sketchbook Challenge.

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Gina said...

Oh aren't books addicting! As for your lack of coupon, I think you can print off a Michael's coupon on line ... you can go back shopping anytime!