Thursday, December 23, 2010

Basically Blue

I had an unscheduled baby quilt to make for hubby's work mate. I thought I'd use the other piece of gridded fusible for this one as I did on the pink quilt whose grid is on the diagonal. (darned if I can find that post, sorry) I might have to revise my opinion of this fusible as I did find things went fairly fast. This might also have something to do with my new 57 foot which is a quarter inch foot with an edge. Quite slick and fast.

I also think a tutorial on digital cameras might be a help as colour and perspective are quite changeable.
So here is a photo focusing on the various prints which are thirties and blue.
One that does show the rectangular shape, 37" x 47". Definitely some shrinkage as I was using the full 45" width on the back. I also did the quick inside/out edge finish.
This photo is probably more accurate colour wise.
And the backing is a very old but great quality fabric I got for a good sale price many years ago. So very not me and I'm glad to have most of it out of my stash now.
Now I need to get the 2 small quilts for my grand kiddies machine quilted as they are actually on my list. hum, hum, hum... happy holidays!


Gina said...

Pretty quilt! Happy quilting and happy holidays!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy cow. It would take me a year just to cut and sew this together, then another six months to quilt it. You are one speed demon on a sewing machine. Got to agree on the backing fabric, but it seems to go well color wise with the front.