Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

I was off to the city yesterday to return spray cans and buy Sketchbooks. I shall talk about that tomorrow.

First the Grand Kiddies! Quilts from:

They share a tiny bedroom and the theme is 'jungle'. Aqua water, sherbet flowers, monkeys, elephants, lions and tigers and zebras. I do believe Noah's Ark landed there as well.

My first quilts for them needed to be colourful but not terribly busy. They needed to be similar but different. Perhaps they'll be keepsakes but definitely usable.

Eliana's began with one metre of wonderfully colourful hearts, flowers and leaves that I'd bought even before her brother was born. I wanted most for the backing with some accents on the front.
I auditioned colours but mostly aqua and greens seemed the calmer approach for the front.

I 'stretched' the backs with the colour strips and I can see I need to work on 'the golden mean' as it is proportionately not quite right.

Joshua's theme fabric proved hard to find. I finally decided that there are cows in the jungle. lol

I have one more baby quilt to put together and then I shall be cutting all the batting and machine quilting them. I'll post a final quilts soon, I hope.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best. I had bought a very large pack of batteries knowing that blogging requires LOTS of pictures. The sale may have been good but I'm not half done the box and I feel they are not keeping their charges as the time passes. I shall remember that for the future.
Okay, three babies sewn up and one to go.

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