Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Finish a Long Second Quarter

I really felt the benefits of this Finish a Long.  It isn't even about any prizes it is about committing in a public way and then trying to keep from being shamed!   When I was near the beginning of the end of the first quarter I read the comments on my commitment post and I was inspired to do my best when my motivation was flagging.  Thanks very much to my commenters!


I got these two bunk bed quilts quilted but not bound so that will be first.  There are two and this photo shows one front and one back.  I will be trying the binder again and the fabric is starched nicely and is peeping out between the two quilts.  I am hoping a slow job will produce stellar results.

I would like to get some sewing done and these fabrics are grouped together for blocks to compliment the  3/4 bed that is also in the room with the bunk beds.  The goal is to get the blocks all made.

Spring will be in full bloom and I need this quilt for a guest room bed so I will be basting it and machine quilting it as a prep for 'that' quilt which you will recognize later in the line up. ;^)

This quick project is the companion quilt for grand daughter #3.  Her brother and sister each have a lap quilt and I need to get hers done.  Her fabric has insects on it but in the same colourways as her siblings.  I use most of the theme fabric for the backing and place some squares in the front.

I should then be ready to machine quilt this top which is only needing basting and some straight line quilting.

Then I guess it is time to face the quilting of this one!  Maybe I should move it to the top of the list.  vbsigh

I might be ready after this to finally finish up my art quilt from a Jane Sassaman class.  Hmm, I might just try it in a portrait orientation as opposed to the landscape position.  It is embarrassing how long it has languished in the closet. :(

The scrap trip along is also on the list as a reminder I want the blocks ready for the last quarter.

These blocks are listed to bring things up to an even 10 projects. Heaven forbid I should have weeks with nothing to finish! lol   These are for my bedroom.  I came up with the plan all by myself so I really am anxious to do it.

I shall link these to the Finish a Long and I guess it is "Ladies, start your machines!".


Vicki W said...

That's a lot of finishing!

Leanne said...

You just keep pulling out the most beautiful projects, I sure hope you finish some of these as they are wonderful.

Leslie McNeil said...

truth - you should move that wedding quilt to the TOP! {but oh... my heart love that last picture project!} xoxo

What Comes Next? said...

oh my but you are going to be busy! Can't wait to watch it all unfold!

Margaret Applin said...

Do I detect a little Nascar? I love the one you have made up yourself and, of course, it is full of those beautiful colors we love so much!

Margaret said...

elle, I love your posts. As I wrote you earlier, you always make me smile. Kudos for living under Murphy's Law and surviving! May his law never interfere with your list of wonderful Projects To Finish (PTF?)

And may Spring come to all of us -- eventually!

Mary Ann said...

That's quite a list! Such pretty fabrics and colours:)