Friday, April 19, 2013

The rule of fives

I forgot my rule of  fives. :(

On Monday I did the next things first and I started again doing the next thing first on Tuesday but then...  As I lost my focus I proceeded to 'lose'  most of the week! :(  Five days in fact.  I lost count of what needed doing most.  vbsigh
I may have done five things.  But five cups of coffee, five books, five waits in waiting rooms, five phone calls, five....  well, they weren't productive. I had more than five cups but less than 5 waits.  So my math is bad! ;)

I started out with important and necessary 'first' things and degenerated into not so important.   I could point out that my plans were rearranged every day but still....   I could have linked up things to do and regrouped but I fluffed.  I could wish for consistency but I'd want to qualify that with mindful, purposeful consistency.  I'm going to pick myself up,dust myself off, and start all over again.  Sheesh, I'm sure this is well past the fifth time!  :o
So next week there will be a PLAN!  Five things!  yup, I'm back to my fives!

I hope to be back on track next week with a high five!  I gotta finish my book first.  I did get five from the library discard pile!  :(  


Lori E said...

It is never too late to start over...even if it is your 5th. time.

Margaret Applin said...

Elle, you are soooo disciplined!

Createology said...

I quite like the number 5. You are truly focused and finishing. Your plan of fives will serve you well Elle Dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Even when you don't think you're productive, you're productive. Way to go!!