Saturday, April 6, 2013

That'll Do!

When our Border Collie, Sweet Pea, has gotten the sheep where they need to be or even if we just want her to be still, we tell her "That'll do!".

It is time to officially close this first quarter and start spring whether it looks like it or not.  It is snowing again and it is down right cold! :(  Can you see Manni? Our night shift guard dog is still overseeing the early morning situation! :)

The lambs aren't waiting any longer and the first has come.

I lost my momentum when I had to take ds#3 to the city Thursday.  I soaked up 'atmosphere' at the upscale furniture store behind these two gentlemen.  Then I came home with decorating on my mind.  I am so ADD!  lol

The whole house purge is looking worse not better as all the stuff from the north rooms has found places of temporary residence while the contractors worked on the sitting and dining rooms on the north side of the house.  Some of their stuff is still here as I await the last couple of small details for them to be finished.

I am slowly putting things back in the room and I used some left over paint from the glaze finish on the walls to spruce up the old bookcase.  Next is to stain that table a bit darker and polish it up.

The book, Creating the French Look, was a surprise.  I got it to learn the paint techniques.  But reading through the various styles that comprise the French look had me identifying several design elements that are very French in my own home.  I'm a cross between country farm house and country manor.   France has several different areas which lead to the variety of styles.  I am attracted to the subtle and simple, with flair.  I like the playful and the delicate.  The colour of French style is quiet.  I luv Toile De Jouy fabric for some reason and it is uniquely French!  lol  I prefer simple, sheer, white window treatments.  Sparkly chandeliers make me smile.  Boulis, quilted bed covers, are the basis of my bedrooms (with an accent patchwork across the foot).  I want to learn how to replicate that wash of light grey or old white on wood that says 'French'.  I am presently eyeing up my dining room hutch to see how to transform it with paint.

My classes are coming along.  I have one more video on gesso for the basics class.  We are also using gesso as a foundation to our pages on the Printing the Journal class and I am keeping up real well with that one.

And I think that I am to the place in the Finish A Long where I must stop and tell myself, "that'll do".  I didn't get to any of the quilt blocks I wanted to make but I had hoped to do the bindings on the last two bunk beds.  Since I'm determined to accomplish a 'factory finish' with this binder attachment I need to stop the rush!  The 2013 Finish A Long has about 300 finishes so I feel I did add my few to the number and the rest can go on the second quarter's list.

I guess if I talk about the dogs I better at least include a photo of one of the grand kiddies. #3  We did have a hoppy Easter day at their house!

It is time to say, "that'll do" for the winter season.  I shall continue with the burst of ambition that ended the quarter as I head into this second quarter. 


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Sweet baby girl resembles her Gramma! The orange quilts are two separet quilts, right? Love the color and the designs. That is going to make for one smashing room! Your walls are lovely, it will look so nice when you are finished.

What Comes Next? said...

"That'll do" must become part of my vocabulary! French style has a lot to say for it - especially the simple, which the French do with such flair! Looking forward to seeing your rooms develop with your own subtle style.

Createology said...

Great words of wisdom..."That'll do". I must remember these. Your bookcase is beautiful. French style is tres chic and you can definitely pull it off. Kudo's to your finishes in the first quarter. You have the forward finish momentum to carry you right on through the next quarter. Little #3 is so adorable. Happy Creative Heart Dear...

Leanne said...

Oh, new lambs, they are so cute. I love that you have a crew of work dogs too, what a fun place your house must be. I am glad you will have some projects for Q2 of the FAL. I love the decorating stories and the grandgirl is so pretty.

Margaret Applin said...

French for sure!!! I love how you have identified with your French influences. You are inspiring me to take a look at my own, then again :) Mine will develop with time when I finally settle down, whenever that happens :) Lookin' good, Elle, and what a cutie she is!