Monday, April 8, 2013

the Point of this post

A little regrouping here as we set the pointer for this Monday and a look at the second quarter of 2013.  Spring has not arrived.  We may not even get a spring this year.  But it is time to quit shivering and shoveling and get started with this next season whatever it looks like!!!  The second quarter for me comprises April, May and June. 

The theme for Spring is paper! 

The Whole House Purge will be to reduce the stacks of paper that seem to accumulate.  First up is the 'puter drawers.  Then I shall grit my teeth, glare fiercely and tackle my bedside filing system (or lack there of) and finally the playroom.

The decorating will be to Paint.  I want to finish the furniture in the north rooms and accessorize.  Bathroom should be a quick job for May.  The Rooster hopes to be outside on the fence and well into the barn by the end of spring so my workroom fits nicely into June.  The paper for theses projects is mainly protective paper on the floors!  lol

This quarter's books focus on photography and PhotoShop Elements.  I want to capture better images on paper and then manipulate them for collage papers.  The three books are:

Photography & the art of seeing-  Freeman Patterson
Digital Essentials-  Gloria Hanson
Digital Expressions-  Susan Tuttle

The classes projects come and go.  I shall finish Printing the Journal in time to start Colour Love 101The Getting Started basics class covers  Deli Paper in April;  Lettering in May; and June is Watercolours. I will have several kinds of papers on the go!  ;^)

Then there are The Projects.  The Finish A Long was hugely motivating and I hope to pick up where I left off and continue with more in this next quarter. I also want to do a Die Cut Scrap a long that will help me learn to use my die cutter and process a few scraps at the same time.  This round of paper will be to check off items!!!

The directional pointer is set and the projects are in the planning stages.  Let the process begin!  8^)


Mary Ann Tate said...

You are so organized...I wish I was:)

HollyM said...

Wow, you are energetic. My goodness, you make my head spin!
I down loaded Margaret's DVD today. It is really good!

Createology said...

With a plan you will accomplish all on your list. With all that snow you certainly won't have to be outside pulling weeds...YET! Great lists dear...

Vicki W said...

We finally got Spring this week. We think summer is arriving next week! Hopefully you will see Spring soon!

Jo Vandermey said...

As usual your list is inspiring. We are starting to see signs of Spring here. A few crocus' out, a warm day here and there. Finally some sun.
After a few set backs with house hold break downs and a few other things I am off to my sisters for a week. There I always get some time to think and come back with a plan. It is always good to start with a plan. It can keep you focused. Have fun!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Bust, busy.....but you are making a pretty good dent in the project list! Good for you, learning to use Photoshop. I just play with PicMonkey and it is fun. I can't imagine what you will be able to do with Photoshop.