Monday, April 29, 2013

Flinging the Five

I am onto count down for the upcoming trip.

We had a wonderful weekend away.  I am anxious to set a few new things in motion but I'll wait the the NYC influence to be added and then...

But firstly, today is Rooster work.  He was on the prowl for work overalls  which he wasn't finding here so we got about five pair in the states and he is optimistic that Nina and I can get the job done ASAP!  :O
If I ever need a new rooster I will be getting a standard.  No more of this short legged breed! :)

He also took today off which slows my forward motion.  While we were away the snow disappeared.  We won't talk about the weather forecast.  But he is walking about making plans for the next two years worth of work projects!  I'm really trying not to think about grass, weeds and spring plantings!  But he is very welcome to start without me! lol

Secondly, I need to plan the Creativity 101 lessons.  The girls and I are are making bracelets.  I needed more crimp tubes but all I could find were a few packages of findings and spacers.  Creativity is all about improvisation so we will be very creative.  lol

I explained to Nina about the overall alterations and then we conferred about the possibility of a quick tote and maybe a jacket.  This would be my third thing to do this week.

Then I am faced with past, present, and future for my journaling!  I can't believe that I'm facing May and I haven't even prepped the April pages.  I have one more month and then June starts my new year of journaling.  It will not be quite so involved as this has been. I feel I'm doing dual entries with this journal.

And the fifth and final thing is packing!  I will be trying not to be last minute with this as I want to spend my money on art supplies not forgotten items like tooth paste! ;^) I will definitely be taking the pink lady.  Nina looked hopeful as it is a sewing machine case but she doesn't fit in it anyway.  Maybe I can find  a new sewing gee gaw to soothe her sighs of longing!


Mary Ann said...

I actually saw a butterfly yesterday...I couldn't believe it:) I like the jacket your making...very nice.

Leanne said...

You have a busy spring. I love the pink bag, you will have no trouble spotting it on the baggage carousel.

Createology said...

Nina will do a quick and easy job of hemming those overalls. After all that snow why isn't your grass green? This looks more like Fall than Spring! Have you made any bracelets with Stretch Magic? Easy and no crimping and they fit much better. I have not seen the bracelet design board. Nina is going to be ever so happy making the jacket and bag. Pre-packing is a very good thing. Take less than you think you will can always buy something if you must have it. Fling those Fives Dear...