Monday, April 15, 2013

White for starters

The neighbours south of the border have sent us some more white stuff! 
This is NOT conducive to good lambing.

But the snowy downpour didn't really matter as I was not going out. I was also not even going to commit to put pen to white paper and make a written plan; I was just grabbing the vacuum and starting on my housework as I have a lot to catch up on.  I'm just doing the next thing first!  lol

I did get the table stained.  Dark walnut didn't do it but ebony did!  Now I noticed while vacuuming that the table leaves show their underside when they are down, which is most of the time.  :(  I shall up end the table tomorrow and give them a quick coat on their undersides.

With the main floor restored to whatever normal looks like these days and the laundry started, I shoved the vacuum into the first room after I sucked up the bigger dust bunnies on the upstairs hall carpet.  Stage two is tomorrow.  The playroom is such a mess so I have today to do all my wet stuff.  I shall continue cleaning and then do dry stuff tomorrow.

Margaret Applin's class ends this week and as I save the lessons I've been reviewing and there were a few things I forgot.  The last and third journal we make is an 'everything' journal and she gave us 12 page starters with a variety of techniques for overcoming the white page.  Here are three that I forgot and am now trying and I will be developing them later.

Doing this mixed media art work is just so much fun.  I am sew glad that I have the Finish A Long to keep reminding me about my 'other' projects.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

The table does look nice darker against the new wall color, dramatic! I'm not sure what the technique is you used on the pages but it looks very cool! It snowed in Oregon today, too, on the east side of the mountians! Will it never end?

What Comes Next? said...

oooh! I think my sister table needs the same treatment - it looks good! That white stuff just keeps on coming out there - no fun, but at least there are no outside distractions to take you away from your journals and FAL, although I do hope the lambs are all okay

Createology said...

Hello Busy Elle. I have missed so much and am trying to catch up. Your table does look wonderful under the mirror. How interesting that you do your cleaning by wet vs dry. I do mine by zones and not very well at that. Maybe I should try your method. Fun mixed media pages. Your planning is really paying off in the finishing department. Kudos Dear!!!

Margaret said...

Your table does look great. Did you do all the stripping/sanding prep stuff yourself too? If so, I have a nest of tables that could use your touch... ;-)

Stay warm!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how much I've missed, including all those quilts you sewed, the paper purge, the leak, the lambs in the snow, the border collie, the six (oops 7) day journal, and of course, the French inspired decorating book. I'm trying to keep up with you, even though you are running much faster than I can possibly manage at the moment.

Your table looks so much better, and I like how you glazed the bookcase. Nicely done. And of course, those awesome papers you made for today's post are truly incredible. I can only admire from afar, because most of these things are out of my reach.

Thanks for dropping by my blog all the time. As usual, I am most appreciative, but haven't had much time to show it lately. I'll try to stop by more often after my bEARTHday.