Friday, January 10, 2014

Curtailing the Craziness

While I managed to curtail the start of a new quilt I did realize that I could scratch that particular itch with a little kitchen project.  The kitchen has a ways to go but I can get some accessories happening.

The colours for the kitchen are a medium/light taupe and aqua with a nod to the golds in the adjoining rooms. I need to decide what the final colour for the hutch will be.  A new island will definitely be aqua and I'm deciding if it will be the only aqua .  ???

Interestingly the fabric I am using for my kitchen valence, the taupe tone on tone, was bought for the Conway Album quilt which under went a couple of colour revisions. :O  So I have LOTS!

I want to order new roller blinds as this is a south window and then I can figure a simple valance for this window.  The Rooster has always pulled any kind of curtains up and out of the way so he can survey his farmdom and I now just do a valance.  lol

This room is still a work in progress.  I need to put a final coat on the window and door trim.  At some point I will add a molding to the top of the wood and probably paint the bottom a darker taupe but that will be after we take out the sink and move it into an island.

When I raised the wood part of the walls I changed the space available for pictures. I've had to reconfigure things.   The stove wall needs tiles and an overhead vent. That little birdhouse now seems wrong.  ???  I like a variety of wall art so perhaps a wall hanging is what the kitchen needs. oh! BTW  I'm 'relaxing' the sheer fabric for the sitting room window.  Ahem, I'm really gathering my nerve to tackle that slippery stuff!  :(

But I am making a runner for the table and a couple of curtains from the ToT fabric for under the sink.  The new overhead light is dismal so that will be replaced also. :(   I'm feeling good about the kitchen but now to complete it!

 I realize it is a new project but I got the size down to something a bit more manageable.  lol  This is my attempt at improvisational piecing!  I may skinny up the widths.  ???

The weather is warming and that means we are getting snow.  Hence the whiteout in the kitchen window.  Looks like a good evening to make curtains and scratch my patchwork itch.  The Rooster is on supper tonight!  Cock a doodle DO!


Margaret said...

I like your fabric selections...and yes, an aqua island -- depending on the value you select -- would be like a 'dash of red' in a mainly taupe room. :-)

I think you did a great job of having your cake and eating it too. :-)

Createology said...

How very refreshing to be re-doing your kitchen. I like your colors and fabrics. Valances are my favorite so they don't obscure the window view. Sewing in the snow with walls and windows to protect you...
P.S. We are finally getting a drizzle of rain! Hooray!!!

Createology said...
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Unknown said...

Patchwork valance! I like it. You are such a busy lady!