Wednesday, January 1, 2014

ready or not...

2013 is ended, finished, completed! 

2014 has started, begun, commenced.

I'm not a looker backward but I think I had just wanted to do the three f's- find, focus, finish in 2012 and 2013.  Carrying the idea over wasn't a good idea because I rarely thought about it.

I do like the word of the year idea.  It is a reminder more than a resolution.  This year I am keeping it simple.  Whatever I pick up I need to bring to some level of completion.  Compete.  Well, lets make that completED!

Hopefully there will be no more false starts, half baked ideas and questions about 'what was THIS supposed to be' in my future. One can hope.  That's what fresh starts and new years are about.;)

I have some hopes of maintaining a better daily sketching/journaling notebook.  I definitely want to get some stuff done and in several different mediums.  I am not naive enough to say I won't start new things.  But...  I am now aware I try to do too much in one week; too many different things.  So completeing one project in one medium in that week should  help the ADS.  I do feel I have made some good forward progress since I have been blogging.  I gotten into some good work habits.  I have figured out a bit of what makes me tick.

Now to continue to move forward.

I have been thinking  a lot about trying to do a variety of things every week.  Not working.  I need to build up some momentum that leads to completing things- completely. ;)  So when I came across this post by Deborah Silver with her opinion on rhythm, I knew she was right and that has driven my desire to complete something before starting on another. Stops and starts, offs and ons, ups and downs are not conducive to completing things.

Rhythm- as you go with the flow you get better.  Stops and starts disrupt the rhythm and  if projects do get finished they are disjointed.

Deborah says:
"Once I have gotten into a rhythm, there is flow.  I stop thinking about what to do, and just do.  Starting and stopping and starting up again in the garden shows.  A design may appear disjointed, or fragmented.  Or even worse, careless.
A regular rhythm is like a pulse, like a heart that beats regularly.  Repetition sets the stage for a rhythmic expression.  The big idea here-anything you attend to, or practice every day establishes a rhythm.  Once you have a rhythm going on, a beautiful expression is not far behind."  Deborah Silver

And may I add, a completed project!  

 Happy New Year!


Margaret said...

Wishing you a smooth flow into the rhythm of your creative heart in 2014, elle! Blessings!

thesewinggeek said...

I think we get caught up in the over thinking and analyzing of what to do...
I had a recurring word stuck in my head for the past weeks and it was just be...
Then after reflecting a bit another came to me was to just start.
I often become paralyzed in the doing part because I am always planning... And I try to please people so I sometimes to not let the real Jo out.
Goals this year... blog, be and start!

Leanne said...

That is a good word, I hope that you feel complete all year long.