Friday, January 3, 2014

jumping right in

I had thought I'd be sewing this month but I totally forgot about Creative Jump Start 2014 which begins Jan.1st and runs for the whole month.  Nathalie at n*studio hosts this great event.  I also need to get the pieces of my walking foot back in working order so...

I've jumped right into wet paint and messy papers.  The theme is household objects used in creative ways for making art.  I was right up to speed with the first as I do luv gelli printing and I have a big drawer full of all kinds of objects for making marks. 

I have organized all my new and slightly used papers in one spot so I'm good to go. 

It was nice warm up for a very cold and snowy day.  The lower spiral paper is tissue paper gift wrap.

Before I allowed myself some wet playing I did get an old ufo sewn up. This is from an apron making session. I have this one and a smaller blue apron for a child.  I think the blue one will wait for a day I'm not feeling so chilly!  ;)

 But I would like to use up some of these scraps for a little pouch.  We'll see if I can work on it this evening and tomorrow as there are blizzard warnings all over the place.  I hope the Rooster can jump all the snow banks as they were over my knees when I went to collect eggs.  :(  

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Createology said...

Your warm colors are good to offset the cold of snow knee deep. Stay safe and warm and play with your fun paints and tools. Lovely apron too. Happy New Year Dear...