Thursday, January 30, 2014

Party after math!

Well, today is full of picking up toys, cleaning up and sorting laundry.  The cloud of white at the right of the photo is an almost full box of Kleenex which is now a mound of snow!  :(

The art time left me three sheets of background and some gelli prints. Before I did a big clean up I did some playing of my own.

I remembered  some of my Creative Jump Start tutorials which are drawing to a close with ordinary household objects providing the theme.

 I do really like mono printing.  One excellent tutorial used a black plastic garbage bag taped tightly around a glass cutting board. This was a  wonderful substitute for the trademarked gelli plate.  The paint was white and the printing was done with black card stock.  Very doable and also very striking.  I like the effect of rubber bands on the cardboard roll but next time I'd use rolling pins of even just a bottle as they would roll smoother.   I hadn't thought to use ink sprays on my gelli plate and they add another dimension.  There is an artist grade tissue paper which I didn't have but cheap tissue (left side of photo) gave 3 prints off one prepared gelli plate.  Tissue disappears in collage work even better than deli paper. :) 

This isn't getting the playroom back to pre-party state  nor the rest of the upstairs. :o  But I certainly have some more party ideas to try tomorrow!


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Looks like you've been doing some "hardy partying" and only you could make the clean up FUN!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That cardboard tp roller looks like it would cave in after a few uses, so I'm glad you thought about using a bottle. I love tissue paper because, like you said, it does disappear on the page. And I love your papers you were playing with. They are lovely, and to think they came from items you found around the house.

BTW, I thought you weren't supposed to use ink with the Gelli. Someone said it messed her Gelli up, but I can't find her post, so can't reference it for you. Glad it didn't mess yours up.

thesewinggeek said...

Party 0n Elle!

Createology said...

I see lots of Playing in your Party week. Good for you dear...