Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creativity 101 revisited

In the beginning I wanted to do some journalling/sketch booking and I still feel that is the place to start. I have Diana Trout's Journal Spilling book and I actually went and got supplies. I have a designated area in the playroom. But it and the floor where I'd stand are cluttered. Diana is starting a new creative endeavour but I'm trying to decide if I just need to do it, my own thing for a bit, rather than commit to another thing that goes by the wayside. vbsigh

I bit the bullet yesterday, even after it looked like the sun really would come out. I stuffed a garbage bag with all my 'important' collections of data. What good is it if I can never find what I'm looking for? And besides, there is Google! So I dealt with the piles on the floor. I need to keep my journalling toys on the counter so I can't put sewing stuff there.
The sun is still shining today but I think I will do some Triple F: focus, fiddle and FINISH while I decide what Creativity 101 is going to entail.


True Blue Nana said...

I wish I could get in this purging mood you are in. I was looking for something in my top drawer the other day and found credit cards that I never activated from years and years ago.

Createology said...

Just do it...isn't that the mantra?!! You are super brave to dispose of things. I know Google quite well however there are just some things that even Google cannot offer me. Your studio looks like a wonderland of creativity. Happy creating...

Approachable Art said...

The first step is the hardest, but if you don't make it, you'll never know that. ;)

Off to PA tonight... gone for ten days. I SWEAR I will write when my life resembles something like order.


Gina said...

I need to try the garbage bag step. I get into my sewing room, start sorting to toss things and end up re-stacking everything; not to be found again when needed (just as you said - what good is it if you can't find it?). I'll get tough one of these days.

I like your workspace!