Monday, September 6, 2010

A long weekend of labouring.

This is the Labour Day weekend and I can't believe that August is gone. Yikes!

I started moving in a higher gear on Friday and got a goodly portion of the fall decor all in place with the list of what I need to make to complete things.

The sun has come out to play so Saturday I began to sort things out in the flower beds. No more new stuff. I'm just dividing what works! 8^)

Sunday my royal princess arrived and truly made it a purple day.

My dearie did a good job on the family lunch as we had very little leftovers.

The prince and I got all the grass cut while the rest of the family salsa'd!

I joined them for the final bottling, 18 pints.

Now it is the blue line day. The beginning of a new month. A few nibbles on the local grapes the kids brought. I shall be talking to my grape vine which would rather climb the trees than spread out on the fence! :(

The strategy meeting has us down to the end of the list but also a few obligations as well. Time to edit a few things as we analyze the time left. I am NOT one to analyze things. Perhaps a phobia of some sort but blogging is so beneficial if you want to learn things, even about yourself. So I'm not blue, just my fingers from some grapes, but if I want to continue to grow artistically I will have to answer a few questions about why and how. It'll all be good.


Createology said...

Hi elle. My you have been labouring this weekend. How wonderful everything looks. It must feel so good to accomplish so much. And to enjoy family and food is such a great way to spend time. I have merely been lazy and recouperating from a very active August. Happy and Safe Labor Day Holiday...

Cheryl Arkison said...

She's so big now!