Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little more...

Some things are still green but a lot of the fall colours are showing. We have mostly the yellows and golds with very little red.

I had taken the last of my shavings for this path thru the arbor which leads to a woodland meander. I think I need to widen the end so the stones fan more on the left. Not a big deal.

Then I need to continue to work on this curved corner of the yard. I'd put in some low juniper for a ground cover years go. They have grown but are hardly seen as I also put some wild currents in and they have gotten totally wild so I cut them out. I moved the very lowest juniper up front. I have 2 lilac seedlings I can put into the back. I just need to do more trimming, raking and brush removal and then some fall/winter fertilizing so they are good to go come spring. And if that taller juniper doesn't improve it'll be trimmed out as well.Lots of composted manure have made the soil here pretty good.
But the art isn't so good. I definitely need some more instruction!

I had bought a Japanese paint set from Lee Valley a few years ago. No instructions but I think I can do some stamping as there is some wax and a tiny dipper. ??? But I did try the brushes. I'll try again tomorrow because the brushes still have some stiffness in their centre and I forgot to shut the lid on the palette so all the paints are REALLY dry. I think I'll just wash it all out and after I'm finished doing a 'little more' yard work I'll google some 'how to's!
Time to switch from water and brushes to wind and rake.

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