Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am...

I am moving along. I have made serious progress editing stuff. I had a great day with the kids, got a few things at the thrift shop, and put my hand up to 'WHOA' the fast approaching car that would have splashed us even more than the rain was. Kinda felt empowering! LOL
But no waving of my hands could get the darn car going after a wonderful webnar class at my sewing store. But it is now fixed. Nothing else got crossed off the list for my town trip but a fixed car is gonna mean that I shall be able to return. :)
I am so thrilled with these web sessions. This last was so good, a quilted jacket. Wonderful techniques but a real aha moment when I saw the possibilities for garment sections being little quiltlets that are just cut using a pattern piece and then butted together. We visit, we learn and we show and share. Did I mention we also sip and nibble? We also go home with handouts that are on CD discs and in full Technicolour. Luv it!
AND, a real bonus; the sun is shining and looks like it may stay around for a while. yippee!

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