Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lemon and Lime

I was on the hunt for yellows yesterday. I have gathered up all the yellow things I have and put them in the kitchen. I needed another tall yellow 'something'. The yellow plate I saw was too nauseous and the vintage yellow plastic coffee and tea canisters may have been a mistake I'll live to regret but I passed.
The glass bag was a thrift store find that I picked up. Well, snatched may be more accurate. fifty cents
I have many of these round place mats in various colours and they often add the dash of colour that I need.

The kitchen is going to be yellow and this wall is also going to be seeing some major changes. I'm getting very tired of cleaning these open shelves so whatever I do will be behind some glass doors! I also have way too much blank space above the display that isn't always easy to fill. Like this grouping. I even thought of stapling the yellow place mat up on the wall! But for now, here is my collection of yellows.
South end.

North end.

This is a very sunny room with a south window. I'm going to go with painted cupboards and probably paint the panelling as well. I did have a plan but since an outside wall is recommended for the exhaust fan I'm having to do some rethinking. Again! But no changes for a mellow yellow theme.


Createology said...

I love your sunny yellow theme. Very cheery!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, this is so lovely. I adore yellow.