Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Interestingly, I prefer subtle or no borders on my quilts. But wisdom dictates that I curtail my tendencies to world dominion here on the farm. A new fence will have sheep grazing on my back meadow so that shrinks the west end somewhat. I have a path thru the bush but I no longer try to pretty it up. Besides, deer live in it and are nibbling on my focal point where the path ends.

But this is what I deal with, what keeps me from an idle life with lemonade, a book and a lawn swing. lol This curved and rustic board fence divides the house from the farm yard and runs east and west on the south side of the house in an L shape that only encloses the side yard.

Starting at the southeast end of the board fence as you come in from the driveway.

This is the east border and runs parallel with the road. It is for privacy and dust control. I used to cut it but where do you stop?

This is the north end looking back. The north east corner butts up to the north bush.

The north boundary runs along the bush to the chicken coop. There is a metal arbor near the bench that points the way to the woodland path which comes out again half way to the coop. This is a wet area, boggy, and needs some drainage. The old garden shed is near the coop but is hidden by some trees in the picture's centre area.

The coop sets the northwest corner. The west border has the new fence line and runs clear over to the new garden shed.

This shed and old fuel tank borders the barn yard and runs alongside the big barn, which somehow has shrunk in these pictures. This is my southern boundary.

And we are back where we started. I also cut the area in front of the barns and I'm trying to abdicate any responsibility for the orchard because I hate trimming and my farmer is not impressed by the stumps of young and tender fruit trees that are left when I miscalculate while driving around in high gear. oops

The barn needs renovating but that is my farmer's job. I just want my dye shed done and the yard simplified so I can sip lemonade and enjoy more time with my less strenuous hobbies!


Createology said...

You certainly have a huge amount of land to maintain and I think you do an excellent job of it. It looks wonderful and well taken care of. I hope you do have some time for sipping lemonade before hot cocoa weather is upon us.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh Elle, you aren't the sipping lemonade kind anyways.