Friday, March 11, 2011

After the portage, the journey continues.

Journal Quilts

Week 8:

I had a lot to do before I had slipped away for a little retreat. Then in the flurry of catch up I got *caught up* in a blizzard of Kleenexes as I had and still have, the worst cold. This little quiltlet represents my try at Nina's patterns and my frustration with these necessary Kleenexes. I tore strips to sew down and then felt my strength waning so I did some programmed stitches and then I just grabbed the Kleenex and went off to bed in a huff. But now being behind made me finish it up and move on.

Week 9:

I have two tops made for the bunk beds and had considered adding some circles. During the Workshop in Progress day a concern was raised that the busyness of the background and the patterning in the motifs, may cause the circles not to be seen. I did want to try my new MistyFuse so I cut out a few of the smaller circles to see. I'm kinda liking the effect. This was a *useful* journal quilt.

Week 10:

3CS also has a colour palette challenge. Nice colours but not something that I am hankering to make very big. It did remind me of an old fabric I have and I definitely see the pointy leaves of the iris. My word this year is FIND and I definitely find that part of my style is using many fabrics of one colour so that is why there seems to be a repeating theme of pieced backgrounds. I encountered a few logistic problems and the size grew a bit but that is what seemed most pleasing, a bit bigger than 12" x 12". I'm not sure I can explain all the mid course corrections but it is all done by machine.

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Createology said...

Elle I really like your little quilts. The blue of course makes my heart soar. The orange is super fun especially with the circles. I really really love the "Kleenex" quilt as it is so calm and serene and shows off your's and Nina's handiwork. Keep getting better my dear...