Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surface Design

In 2004, according to my notes, I took 2 workshops.

The first was my introduction to fabric dyeing. I luved it.
The second was my introduction into surface design. I luved it.
The third event was the Wave, an artists' studio tour along Lake Winnipeg's western shore. Luved it.

Since then I have been amassing supplies, planning my workspace and dabbling a bit. I want to do much more.

3Creative Studios offers play times. The Technique of the Month has a monthly tutorial and this month was screen printing. Because my computer is on dial up I can't always access the big downloads or videos but I remembered that I had made a screen during the surface design work shop so I went on the hunt for it and my notes. And I gave it a whirl.

I'm pretty sure I have the screen on the wrong side and trying to fix it made a boo boo! So I used it as it is and scraped some Pebeo Setacolour black paint over the screen. I had used a graphite pencil to write /scribble a vague letter. Then the gal used her machine to give us a screen to take home. I can see this needs some finesse!

First pull on my rusted fabric. I probably have too much paint .

Second pull on a white print fabric. Not too bad.

The third pull I was sloppy with the right side. The smear on the left is the boo boo on the screen, but I am way too sloppy.

A good mixed media gal has additional stuff laying around to use up the leftovers so I tried on a coffee liner.

Then I tried on a piece of paper that I had spread some colour, probably acrylic.

This is quite fun and has whetted my appetite once again. I have a pretty good accumulation of resource books and I'm thinking I would be better off if I just picked a book and worked ny way through it rather than 'dabbling'! Now, which book?


Approachable Art said...

Our evil plan is working, you're becoming addicted to mixed-media and will soon be joining us in our World Domination Plans. Look for your membership card in the mail... and don't tell anyone we spoke, shhhhhhhhhhhhh... *shifty eyes*

Createology said...

Glad to see nothing deters you my dear. Even the booboo pieces can be used for layering in mixed media. There is no waste!!! Happy creating...