Sunday, March 20, 2011

Which glue?

The Altered Book 101 is slowly coming together as I experiment with various methods for gluing pages together. This strengthens them for the various applications of colour and embellishing.

First option is a glue stick. It has the advantage of being relatively tidy. The pages dry flat.

Another cheap school product is white glue. This is messier and doesn't dry as flat. I used my finger to spread it and then the Kleenex stuck to my finger! lol

Gel medium is the one I've been using and I now realize I can spread it much thinner if I use an old credit card. It also dries flat and can be used as an adhesive and a clear finish. This is not as cost effective as the first options but I do find it kinda multi purpose.

Gesso is a substance that can be used as a glue as well as a substrate that is much like a primer. It dried fairly flat.

I used it to prime a page and glue down another paper. It worked fine but...

The pages curled quite a lot.

The cure for that is to apply more gesso to the back of the curled page.

It certainly solved the problem but I'm wondering if I would have had to do this extra step had I done this with the gel medium. Something more to try. I should also think about the amount of drying time but it is a good idea to do a lot of pages at one time for when those those creative times strike. Glue needs to be spread evenly, giving special attention to the spine as well as the edges.

EDITED: I did do a second trial with the gel medium as a glue. The pages did not curl even though I used the same paper colour wheel as with the gesso. I suppose there are different ways to do various things. The trick is knowing when to use which one!


Createology said...

Looks like an exercise in how to make a real mess. I do not like to get my hands messy or sticky. I like to use YES glue and spread it thin with an old credit card. It is made for paper and really goes a long way. I also use Elmer's white glue that is thinned a little with water. I also like to put the pages I am gluing on wax paper or a shiny catalog page which makes it much easier to clean up. Happy gluing my dear...

Yvonne said...

I usually learn by doing but anyone's tips from their experience is always good.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm glad to see you are working with the various glues for your book. It's always fun to experiment and find the one you prefer. You are right that the gel medium is not cost effective, but is more fun to work with.