Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I need more credit cards!

What handy things these plastic cards are! My Reader Reward Card for the book store has been seeing some use! I've been on a reading binge and I have 3 more to purchase but I daren't get them until I get some work done. yikes!

Then I got seriously overwhelmed in a new decorator store I found and couldn't resist adding a bit of BLING! to my life.

The ol' debit card has been getting a serious workout as I lay in my year's worth of supplies. I used my Michael's coupons and encouraged the Art store to add to their Dye-na-flo display. I am so happy to have found this product up here in the boonies! They assure me they will be getting more.
Then I got 2 great patterns at my sewing club as well as a free kit for some stuff to help Nina do her part in the overall plan. One project is to carry all my stuff so my hands can be free to grab stuff off the shelves! I'm also hoping a snazzy bag will lead into a spring wardrobe from my fashion fabric stash. The notebook cover has a slick lining technique and a very cool zipper pocket was added for our sewing club demo. Very cool! But the project is sized for the standard composition notebook so there is no figuring measurements and I am not a math person so one size for one readily available book. That I like!

Now I didn't use any credit but I need to give credit to the crafters before me who extol the uses of the plastic card to spread glue and paint.

A few drops of paint.
Then use the card edge to spread it.

This gives a totally different look than a brush, sponge, crumpled paper, etc. and is not messy at all. I like it. Now I need to learn how to build up the layers and that's where all my pens, inks, stamps, etc. will be coming into play. I'm totally pumped as the young people say.

As I said, "I need more plastic!" lol


Gina said...

LOL ..... are you on Goodreads? I love to see what everyone is reading and read their reviews.

Createology said...

Not only credit cards but also hotel room cards work perfectly for spreading. If you find any super sturdy business cards, especially the shiny coated ones, they work really well also. Great new supplies you have stocked up on. Happy Spring and enjoying reading and crafting and sewing...