Friday, April 1, 2011

Finished! No Fooling

There are lots of things not finished. Winter is sending fat flakes to say she isn't quite done. The worst cold ever has snuck back up on me and asked for another spoonful of the kind of medicine that is helped by Mary Poppins addition of sugar! All this is making me grumpy.

So this^

Became this ^ with a lot of muttering, vows, and some muscle.

The first quarter of the year is over. FIND is my word for the year and I'm not finding my groove and I don't really mean rut! So I need to find a better way to make things happen for the rest of the year.

I am slightly addicted to saving scribbles, notes, articles. Heck, whole magazines or parts there of. I don't file right away and the 2 file drawers, though reduced from 4, still bulge and the piles drive me crazy. I have learned to get rid of empty flat places where it is easy to dump piles. I was grumpy enough that even without my glasses I pitched Paper. :O

What if I was finished saving paper?

I edited my library of books a few years ago. I still have LOTS, mostly technique books. I have 2 dozen lined up and ready for action. I like to start new things. I have a dozen ideas on any given day. I have opportunities. I belong to a sewing club with monthly challenges, a quilt group with monthly and a yearly challenge. I belong to several on line groups with challenges. I'm beginning to feel slightly challenge stressed because of the extras- the socializing, the time for tutorials, the scheduling, the rush for the deadline, and the choosing of the commitment over the 'just because'.

What if I turned from the call of the challenge to the first technique book on my line up and turned to chapter one and worked in a series?

Friday's are for finishes and I think I'm done going around in circles. It makes for a dizzy chick!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you find a way to finish something today. I bet you are feeling the same stress I am. I got a bit overloaded with my schedule and got sick and now I can't get caught up. At least you have the chance to catch yourself without going in circles. Have a great weekend.

Createology said...

Hi elle: You are just having a lull in your super energetic normal routine. Some sunshine and health will bring you right back to Find your muse. Just enjoy your weekend and feel better my dear...