Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sew far...

I think the white and black fabric is too stark for what I am doing so I had a Dye-na-flow colour, ochre, that I thought would work. First time for this and I was thinking a wash but it went on full strength. hmm! Oh well, it is a challenge. :0

I forgot to take a photo when it was done. I tried to get it lighter as I worked across but it is already cut up.

I cut the coloured fabric into 3 skinny strips and ...

Now this is totally improvisational as I have no, well, not too much, of an idea. I've had to toss the first fabric now that I'm thinking this may actually find a home in the upstairs hall.

I need to decide if it is okay to show my progress. I've already decided that despite the size restriction, 160 " perimeter, I will be making it whatever as I am quite tired of working to challenges and not to what I need, want and desire.

I guess I've decided to show progress. ;^)

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True Blue Nana said...

Oh come on, show us what you are doing! We have all shown things that didn't work at all. I love the advice and suggestions I get from fellow bloggers.