Friday, April 29, 2011

Another quiltlet!

Glad I didn't leave this one to the very end as it got rather labour intensive. The challenge for the Common Threads quilt group was to do a layered technique, much like a mola. I couldn't find my folk art embroidery book so I was scratching my head. Then I saw a screen print that reminded me of the 60's mod look. How hard could that be??? :O

I laid frames on top of each other and then transferred it to a whole sheet and cut away everything that wouldn't be black. I used a colourful Bali which wasn't quite big enough so I had to *fill* in one spot with the black satin stitch. White needed to be on the

bottom so there wouldn't be a shadow from a darker fabric. I traced the pattern on the back of the batting, laid out the 3 fabrics on the top side and sewed the first lines from the back. I then cut away the layers and zig zagged the raw edges. I should have paid more attention to how lines lined up but it was kinda confusing to see how it was developing. I also ended up cutting away far more than I had imagined. Nina did well but some of the 'eyelashes' were kinda pesky! I did learn a thing or four and hope to remember them for future projects but I doubt I'll be doing molas!

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Createology said...

Wow elle this is fabulous. I am so far behind I missed this beautiful layered quiltlet. I do hope you enter your quilts in some sort of fair or quilt shows or something. Your work needs to be recognized. Happy quilting...