Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shaking things up

I had a tasty yogurt smoothie this morning that was much smoother than yesterday's sour cream one. lol

Then I tackled the freezer compartment of the fridge which should have been done ages ago.

Then I found 2 more skirts to hem and 1 to mend. Done! yippee skippy!

I had removed the offending row from my convergence yesterday and it is pin basted. I wonder if I should sprinkle a few of those large floral motifs around after I get the straight grid lines done?

What this all means is that I am procrastinating about the MQing that I really must get done, at least the straight line stitching for this week.

But I do actually get a very lot done when I'm doing everything but what I'm supposed to be doing. vbsigh


Vicki W said...

Yes, a sour cream smoothie would be a bit of a shock!

Createology said...

Hi elle: My you are the busy chickie. I miss so much when I miss a few days of your posts. Love all the fabric pieces you are working on. Great job on the mending and hemming. I don't think I would like a sour cream smoothie as I really prefer sweet flavors and I don't think there is enough honey in the world to offset the bitter sour cream. Happy re-seeding the lawn. Have a wonderful rest of the week...