Friday, April 22, 2011

A Stumble

I am beginning to thing *converging* is NOT my thing!
The first slices weren't too bad. I did want lighter at the top. But the last slicing was not going to work. I lost the light sections.

Should I rip? What if I mixed up my medias?

I used watercolour pencils on the patches because the green matched the green in the flower. I then wet them. I ironed them. They are possibly not too permanent. But by the time this wall hanging needs washing I will have a better, bigger, more whiz bang project to replace it! LOL

This works; well at least better than what I had.

I won't show just now but I thought I'd try another quick combo while I had an idea of how things converged. NOT well! I wasted a lot of time and if I get a chance tomorrow I'll show the also ran and the 'better half". gah!

I was running out of time for the last challenge so I MQed my 4th little house.

Now I have four and will try another colour family.

The down hall has come along nicely. I can't believe how much my $40 mirror has added to the overall look of the entrance.

It didn't fit above the chest, another great find at Canadian Tire. It hides from view and holds all my dearie's STUFF! But it does go very well above my mum's old cedar chest which always has some kind of quilt on it. This adds softness to the hall. Aqua pillows and the little aqua place mat carry the spring colour but also echo the picture. I think if I ask to move those 2 wall sconces one more time my hubby will be chasing this chick! But I do think they may have found their final resting place.

SO, Friday finishes:

The colour class is over and posted in Tutorials.

Eliana survived her first sleepover.

The challenges are challenging. :(

I got the fabric challenge top pieced.

I got a convergence I can live with pieced.

I didn't get the little challenge done but perhaps next week.

I have the weekend to think about how to MQ them.

The hemming is a no go!

The hallway makes me smile!

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Dandelion and Daisy said...

You know, I use to think I had a lot of projects...that was before I met you! You make me look like a real "piker"! I love it. It's good to keep busy, right? Your hallway looks very welcoming, very nice.