Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In spite of...

Somebody (???) left something open and the hens are after that very last blade of grass I was trying to save on the east side of the coop! oh well, I can seed grass easy enough, I guess.

The grandkids left early enough yesterday for me to work on the small page x page challenge. I'm not sure why I thought it would be a quick project. Most of my 'bright' ideas turn out to be kinda convoluted. But I am now ready for the Friday reveal.

I had a relationship stumble last night (why do people do what they do?) but I'm up and smiling this morning. Then I made my morning fruit and yogurt shake with sour cream! :-P. Drinkable but not recommended. lol But I refuse to miss another step so I just sipped my smoothie down and got going.

The hemming is an endeavour to get my wardrobe up to speed. Apparently legs age slowly so if you have them, and my rooster says I do, then show them! I've been surfing the net periodically looking for where the more mature woman hangs out and I hit the motherload last night. Hence the inspiration to do the hemming! I use invisible thread if I can't find a match and be darned if I didn't do the first job with the invisible thread on the inside. grrr! A little bit of reverse sewing and I will now be showing some leg! No photos yet! I'll be working up to it, so to speak! ;^)

Then I began to make my quilt sandwiches so I can Machine Quilt.

The big piece of batting I need for the larger wall hanging is missing the chunk I cut for the page x page. Not Impressed with myself at all!!! Haste makes more than waste, it takes more time in the end. awk! I'll patch in a piece with a hand overcast stitch. The backing is the wrong side of a fabric (UGLY) that I overdyed. I can use it for both these wall hangings and still have a bit left over.

Hmm, now I see the photo I'm reviewing a previous thought about maybe removing that very last row so I can end with the aqua instead of the orange. What if...

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Gina said...

So where's that motherload you found?! Fill us in!

You are so good, downing your sour cream smoothie! lol