Thursday, April 7, 2011

Next to last

My grandaughter tried out the cute metal chair I got this last weekend. I took about 10 pictures and finally got THE one. On Monday I quilted my 12 placemats. I set the table, took a photo. I rearranged better and took a photo. okay Then to prove I had quilted all 12 placemats I spread them all on the table. hmm I need to get higher so I stood on a chair.

(long pause)

I dropped my camera! Do you know I use my camera more than my phone? I take gazillions of photos. I edit and save the best. I should learn to alter them but I'm not sure I have time to add another hobby. Anyway, it says lens error. I guess! It is bent at an angle and won't retract. It won't focus. It won't shut off. It did give up the previous images.


I think I'll just go get another. It will probably be faster and cheaper than the alternative.

Until then, it is into the archives for me.


Createology said... sorry about your camera.
Super cute granddaughter and she looks adorable sitting on your little metal chair. Happy weekend...

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh dear. Just happened to me last month. That sucks! Sweet girl!:-)