Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Finish

The weekly quiltlet, last week and this week's are done. I'm thinking fun summer place mats.

I did get the blog pages up and the side bar somewhat simplefied. They need a bit more tweaking. I really hope this will be simpler and make my blogging life easier. ;^)

The Common Threads yearly wall hanging challenge is evolving. With serious curves! I went to bed with an arghhh, bad first idea. Why is it after I cut and commit, I find a better what if...?

But while I was working on the next colour class I got some better ideas. Stay tuned for next week. It is all about working with a theme or focus fabric.

I'm trying to work smarter and do the tutorial for the blog along with the actual class prep. But I won't do that post that till after the actual class which is Monday night.

The spring decor for the sitting room isn't too exciting but this room is intentionally calm and soothing. It was sheer serendipity that the 2 prints (thrift shop score) worked so well on 2 of the 4 nail options that I already had in place on that wall. I usually have a set of 4 prints but these are quite pleasing. I need to lose the battenburg valence and fix that door but I'm not sure with what. That wall isn't the original plaster but a plywood wall with a door added for the house's only bathroom. :( Plumbing is nice but the original pantry off the kitchen would have been adorable. I'd have done things different if they'd have asked me! This room is first up for painting. The sofa table and stools is temporary because I got a new chest for the entrance hall. But that is for next week!

I almost forgot the closet edit. I got rid of a bagful. I got to thinking that yellow is my favorite colour but not something I wear well. Aqua is my favorite. Chartreuse has been creeping in very strong. I feel so good in the aqua top and slimming black and aqua skirt.

My favorite jammies combine it all. I threw out most everything that did not support that luv and I'm going to look for aqua, chartreuse, white, black and chocolate. How's that for simplifying!


True Blue Nana said...

Love your little quiltlets! They would be great placemats.

Createology said...

I love your blog, your energy and your creative spirit. I have gotten behind due to assisting Paul Bunyan this week. Mr. C was lumberjacking downed trees on our property and I was his sidekick Babe the blue ox. No time for indoor activities like blogging or crafting or sewing. Maybe next week...unless we borrow the log splitter then. Happy weekend to you my dear...