Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's To-Do

All the grass that is showing up is making me fret! Common sense says to relax, things are WAY too wet. The quilt show deadline looms on the horizon. etc. etc.

The Five Things to do for the week are up on the side bar. One thing is the focus (sewing), and the rest are secondary. There is also the list of five things for today and laundry is top of the list.

Then I am going to throw the power switch on Nina and sew!


True Blue Nana said...

You are cleaning out closets this week? I need to do that too but it is going to have to wait.

Createology said...

Hi elle: Great job on your blog updates. The side bar is really informational. You are too funny with the request for sewing Mr. Rooster's boots. NOT WITH NINA!!! Maybe if you had a Juki industrial machine. Mr. C would expect me to be able to do the same things. :o) Definitely let the grass dry out...maybe until mid-summer? Happy quilting my dear...