Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday musings

Spring sprang quite quick I think. But things are mighty soggy so that gives me a bit more time.

The Friday finish was weak.

1) Blog changes- I am working on pages to keep things a bit more accessible but I also plan to keep a quick list on the side bar of the Five weekly happenings. I really want to make things simple, uncluttered and easy to find. The searches leave me quite frustrated.

2) The focus was the AB 101. I did get the background section done and a page set up but with no camera to record the progress I let that goal go by.

3) I did get the dreaded mending done.

4) Totally forgot about the closet but I'm kinda primed now because a quick trip thru the mall shows spring stuff is here!

5) The placemats were a big hit for Sunday lunch!

I was in the city where I had a sewing tutorial for Nina and I also got a new camera so I'm all set for this week.

I will be focusing on sewing as I have a quilt show deadline approaching for Mother's Day weekend. I also have the last colour class coming up.

I'm trying out the new camera. Same brand and it shouldn't be too very difficult. A quick trip to the coop and to see the new lambs. I guess I will need to do a bit of tweaking but I am up and running again.

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