Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rooster Work

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a moot point point if you don't add a rooster to the equation!

I'm rather flabbergasted by the gals on the DIY blogs. I'm very capable of hammering nails into the plaster walls much to the chagrin of my hubby, but I've never wanted to learn how to wield the bigger boy toys. I liked to think that in many of my projects I'm the brain and he is the brawn. Not true, but he does make me look good! lol Over the years I've come to appreciate our combined strengths and weaknesses. We have separate hobbies but we also have many common goals and projects. We compliment each other as we are definitely not alike. I would be remiss to not include my dearie in some of my projects.

Interior decorating is a very old luv. I have gotten very creative in finding budget solutions to my decorating dilemmas. One goal is to go through the house room by room and update each one. I'll be adding finished rooms as we progress to the side bar. I'd like to take at least one day a week to share about creative decorating.

The bathroom is first up. Originally this was a pantry. The wall had been moved to accommodate a bathtub. We added wall board and covered the floor with some square tiles 20 years ago. A couple of years ago we replaced the tub. We painted the wall board but now we need better flooring, baseboards and trim, and new lights and a fan.


So far:

The floor was not level because of 2 layers of old stuff and water damaged fir flooring. A thin underlay, almost reminded me of a thin bubblewrap, was used. It was also the pattern for cutting the flooring remnant. It went in pretty smoothly although it was a long day before we finally got the toilet back in place.

I must admit that my rooster is not easily distracted by my squawking that the sky could be falling and stays pretty focused so this coop should see pretty steady improvements. Time is always an issue but we'd like this finished up soon as spring is starting to happen. This week lambing began and the 'real' chicken coop needed some *editing* as we make plans for the coming year.

Creativity is developed through use and finding solutions to stetch budgets is a great learning experience. What if we put our heads together to find creative answers?

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