Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summing up the weekly stats

I wish I had more of these snow drops. But I may be getting more snow according to the weatherman. Rain and then snow!

This week:

1) The straight stitching with invisible thread is done and I've an idea for completing the challenge. I got some fusible for applique during sewing class so that should add some pizazz to the convergence.

2) The mola, page x page quiltlet, is one of those 'been there, done that" kinda projects that I'm glad is done.

3) I'm SO happy with the hemming. I showed leg while I was in the city! lol

4) There is still some trim work to be done in the bathroom but I did manage a quick change of shower curtains.

5) Errands in the city resulted in a spring cleaning for the car, some spring sandals, and some backing for the niece's wedding quilt. Then my sewing class was small and we were treated to tiaras because of a royal wedding and a Canadian bride. I almost forgot to take my tiara off when I nipped into the grocery store for a moment. Lot's of fun as I'm sure the other drivers wonder about all the shine and shimmer.

I feel real good about this week.

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Createology said...

Yes Elle you should feel very good and proud of all you have accomplished this past week. Your little snowdrop flowers are precious. The deer would eat mine if I had them. Happy Spring and showing some leg and having new sandals...