Monday, March 7, 2011

Now where was I?

I was thinking I needed to take a bit of time to see where I was headed as Spring is next up on my calendar. I didn't think I'd be buried under my blankies and blinking thru the waves of Vicks and mounds of Kleenex that surrounded me.

The sun is starting to rise earlier and I actually hear the old rooster rousing his gals so it is time to rouse my own self.

Before I succumbed I had a wee bit of a buying spree which totally fits that prespring fling that happens in the frozen months of February. Nina came and then I decided to prepare for the rise of cotton by taking advantage of a 'deal' on a roll of batting. Spring cleaning will involve finding a spot to store it. I have everything to finish the bathroom, well, except towels. Then our Canadian Tire had an amazing deal on a basket front chest that was intended for hubby's stuff on his side of the bed. It doesn't quite fit so he'll be putting his 'other' stuff in it down in the entrance hall. And yes, the phone books are his! lol And as things go, the mirror that was there is now totally wrong so the deal of the year was a $40 mirror that again doesn't quite fit so some fiddling will be necessary, but is SO worth having. I had some time to think about all that as well and I can hardly wait for a focus week on home decorating!!!

But the Focus for this week will be sewing. I am behind sadly on the Weekly Journal quilts so those are a priority. I also agreed to make an Alzheimer's quilt. I want to keep up with Workshop In Progress and 3CS. Not sewing but fabric related is the next colour workshop which is values: light, dark, dull, bright. Perhaps I can combine that with some of the journal quilts. Now that is really pushing my limit of Five things but I do have five days.

I was also contemplating giving up the Sketchbook Project as it seems beyond my abilities and time constraints but I flipped thru one of my first 'how to' books on journalling and I still want to do that so I shall pause before I do the final clean up on my side bar which is also sadly behind.

So where was I? I was on my way to fire up the washing machine and Nina. Ladies! Start your engines.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My sketchbook challenge seemed to come to a screeching halt! I keep trying to restart my creative train of thought on that one, but I'm not holding my breath---purple doesn't look too good on me! ;-)


Createology said...

Elle I am so happy that you are feeling better and up and about. Please don't overdo yourself as I read you are behind and have lots you want to get done. Very smart of you to hedge the rising prices of cotton. I hadn't thought of that idea. Happy sewing with Nina!