Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Fling!

I seem to enjoy spending money in the spring. Flinging it all about. That will end next week and I'll be rolling up the side walk, hiding the keys and tearing up anymore coupons!

In the meantime, I'm storing up books, art supplies and decorative accessories. I'm not sure what I'll be wearing but that hasn't ever been a really big priority in spite of my stash of patterns and fashion fabrics.

I have found HomeSense. Not good; as I only intended a reconnaissance of the store and had an armful within the first 5 minutes!

I again accumulated some art supplies with the Michael's coupons. A last, quick, stop at the art store and you'd think I'd have learned. I found some Dye-na-flo which I have been keeping an eye out for. And 'only white gouache' turned out to be a bagful of stuff!

See that gorgeous square plate on the aqua lap quilt. I may have to return for a few more as that is perfect for my spring look.

Time to fling some of the bling of spring around the house!


Createology said...

Oh you shopping fiend...I love your treasures. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing and that square dish is perfect.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Love that dish!!