Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Five Step Program

I'd like to take some time to answer a question about my five step program.
Five is an easy number to remember. I just look at my hand and mentally go thru Peter Pointer, Ruby Ring, etc. I need a trick, a catchy tune, whatever, to keep me focused.
So in January I thought of five areas that embrace the whole concept of health, wealth and doing things wisely. I listed 5 major things I want to see accomplished in 2011. Then I broke that into seasons because some things are better done at certain times of the year. If I have a plan for the summer months then I can track it by breaking it down to manageable bites. I am very bad for underestimating what can realistically be done in a given time. A bigger project will take a season but I write down the job for the month then roughly plan the week with each morning being more specific. Sounds complicated but it is more about reminding myself what needs doing and often the five things in a day is a full day.
And it is 5 days because my weekends are not figured. I call them leftovers but often my hubby plans what Saturday will entail from my month or weekly to do list and he insists we do them together. You know, the family that works together, stays together thing! :D He has his own hobbies and we are cool to be on our own as well.
For example; we needed to renovate the bathroom. It involves flooring, paint, trim, fan, lighting, etc. One week all I had was Buy Flooring! But it got done and I could put down the next thing. Now I'm already to start writing down things for the kitchen but my dearie is holding me to the plan. We put trim in but it is too skimpy and we were back to get wider so this weekend is more trim. Not a problem, I'm still focused and I will be ever so glad to close the door on a completely finished bathroom.
Health, house and garden, hobby; I find it works for big things and small things.
High Five anyone?


Createology said...

High fives to you elle. I love how organized yet flexible you plan your days to stay focused. I really need to get back on track after this snow storm has derailed me. Five is a very doable number and just happens to be my favorite number. Does eating count as one of the five to-dos in a day? Happy finishing...

Gina said...

Another high five to you! I need to get back to planning and making lists as my days are hectic but I'm not getting the best five done. Thanks for 'kick'.

Grandma Coco said...

I keep a day planner, too. I don't work in 5's necessarily but I do like to break down goals and work little by little toward accomplishing them. I keep my "bright ideas" in there, too, so sometimes I can go back and be reminded of something that I thought was pure gold (at the time) but then forgot. Your planner's neater than mine! :)