Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thinking Pink

Summer is swinging by at great speed.  I need to keep a bit of a better eye on the clock, the time and my calendar.

Creativity 101 is all about pink.  The scrapbook album has just about all the pages it can hold so we shall continue to cut and glue and paste, learning as we go.

The magazine journal is shaping up to be about faces and hearts.  We'll see how many different ways we can incorporate this stencil.

The newest grand baby is in danger of getting left somewhere as she is such a snoozer and so very good!

I do need to get a bit better organized as I'll be seeing a lot more of the older grand kiddies as their house begins renovations.  I was telling Jenn we'll be using her day care skills if the dynamic duo join us for Creativity 101.  I wonder how Josh will feel about pink?


Mary Ann Tate said...

Gorgeous baby....:)

MarveLes Art Studios said...

As long as you don't lose the baby in your art supplies~lol~! Gives new vision to 'start em early' doesn't it? Yay~she is SO SO SWEET! EnJOY my sweet friend.

Createology said...

I love pink as it is such a cheerful color. Even little sleepy one is in pink. Faces and hearts will be a wonderful theme. Blissful Creativity 101 my dear...