Friday, March 30, 2012


I was in the middle of fiddling with my altered book when the phone rang announcing that the book I requested was in at the library. I read about it on a writing blog I follow. While the glue was drying I sped off to town. And while the glue was drying I began to turn that  library book's pages.  I pretty much turned dry pages yesterday. ;^)

Spreading gesso with a card is way too messy for me. I'll be back to using a brush.

The idea of using ordinary white glue for a raised effect is good but things kinda got out of hand as they spread and sloped and ...

Then there was the problem of just hitting the top of the glue with the paint brush.  ???

It wasn't too hard to ignore the altered book as I was not thrilled and I doubt that this is my style.  I feel I have too many different images and the little duckies on a ribbon were a waste. I need to think things through better.

I've had to quit singing in the rain because the white stuff is sifting down in very large flakes.  I hope some better ideas sift down as well!  But then the next book in the series may be calling my name and I can stick to dry pages. I wonder if the phone will ring again today? 

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Createology said...

Messy and wet and more messy is definitely NOT my style. I do think you tree looks pretty fabulous. You didn't mention what "dry" pages you will be turning in your library book. I am reading "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern and it is magical! I can't stand for it to end so I am reading it very slowly. This book speaks to the child in me and the creative soul I posess. Be safe in the snow and wonderful weekend. We have had more rain...