Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All over the place!

We circled the city, tied a knot and returned home before dark. The driver is late 40's, I am early 60's and the leader of the pack and a serious shopper is mid 70's.

We hit a white sale but I put back my towels after a quick lesson on best towels. Really? But I got a gorgeous pillow for a song and a pepper mill. Then it was off down the hall and a brief sit down at the food court for us coffee drinkers. The shopper came for a quick lunch so we could keep up our stamina. The dollar store got me napkins and I was going for goblets but again, good advice that not all dollars are deals! Really?

Then I got the deal of the day at Winners which I'll show next week when master bedroom is the deco project of the week. ;^)

We hit a thrift shop where I got another piece of enamel ware which has become a collection here in the playroom but will be very useful when the dye shed is operable.

An errand in an odd and far corner of our circle, LOL, then Home Sense is straight off to another corner and I talked sternly to myself. ah, another white pitcher (collection!) and voila! 12 goblets , in a box, for $14! Really!!! Got my hands on gorgeous towels but if DH got his hands on them they wouldn't be gorgeous. Reality! vbsigh I'm still lamenting that loss!

A few food items for the others as my DH doesn't trust me with the necessities of life since we differ on which is more important: food or settings! ( since I hate grocery shopping; I hang out in the magazine section!)

I did keep a weather eye out for veranda inspiration and only saw one hanging bell which didn't quite 'ring' for me!

Still grey and rainy so I'll get a bit of laundry rotating and study up on this week's list.

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