Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summing up

Grey day today but I'm feeling quite sunny about this last week.

I saw a couple of gold finches and I'm hoping the dandelion seeds they are looking for will only be found in the fields and not in the yard. Garden beds are very hard from all the pounding rain so they'll need some more work but dandelions should be scarce.

I have a plan for the veranda and it'll probably take a part 2 and even a part 3. I think haste would have made waste. I'd wanted to do several colours of paint for the tables, chairs, etc. but I'm thinking shades of green will be best.

I have logged onto the site for the on-going tutorial for the book Threads- the Basics and Beyond. I got some stabilizers and I'm thinking I'd rather do loose pages rather than make a book.
I used the fusible shown for a mixed media quiltlet. Not fun to stitch thru with sticky stuff on the needle and broken thread. I'm going to stick with MistyFuse and forget testing other options.

So I put a piece of black netting over it all and free motioned around the edge. That's it. I won't be finishing this one and I'm kinda annoyed because I thought having prefused pieces a good idea and now I have some. :P Maybe they are okay for stitching the edges but not all over and through multi layers.

Now DD's quilt once again has its face to the wall so I can quick slap some veranda fun on the design wall's back!

I felt like I've had a good week.

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Createology said...

You have had a good week and I really like the colors you have displayed on the shelf. Sticky needles and broken thread are NOT worth the time and effort and hassle. Wonderful weekend to you my dear...