Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In all directions

Crazy weather. It has be all over the place in the clothes department. Shorts one minute and two sweaters the next and that was in one day!

The grandkiddies helped me weed flower beds in the sunny morning. After naps all round ;^) we went back out to a very cold north wind. BRRRR!

Yesterday I grabbed a friend and we took the kids back and hit the bargain stores. I must say having a definite direction for my wardrobe eliminates a lot of looking. The kiddies and I hit the pet store while she hit a few more 'boutiques'! I must write about all my clothing organization one day.

The wind has been too windy for those last section of dandelions and I'm about to panic if I see any fluff starting. So the rooster took my mind off it by handing me a pitchfork for the other chicken coop in his barn. Nasty smelling stuff chicken manure. But that is off his list.

Today I am going to be circling the yard to see if I can't get the grass down to an acceptable height. My mind will be circling as well as I fuss about all I'm wanting/needing to do.

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Createology said...

We are having very cold and rainy weather again. Winter just does NOT want to leave us. Seven months is far too long for California! Do tell about your clothes organization. Creative clucking my dear...