Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday's Song

This week didn't turn out as expected. I'm starting to think summer and it is anything but.
It reminds me of- "same song, second verse; a little bit louder and a little bit worse!".

The grass had its first haircut. That is a train heading east in the background.

This week went sideways, kinda like the train.

Grass IS cut.

Veranda is stalled partly because of cold, rainy and windy.

The veranda quilt is seeing some progress.

I like improvising but I think I need to have a general plan so I cut the background squares to get an overall placement balance. I need to think about the golds.

Too many trips away from home and one was a doctor's visit with very good friends that knocked us all for a serious loop. I'm thinking I need to make a quilt- green and blue. A bit blurry, but that may be my eyes.

I'll be having a serious talk with myself come Monday morning!

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