Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding a FINE Finish for Friday

My little word theme for Fridays has been such a motivator. Who knew!

I learned some technique things but I think I've learned even more about myself. 8^)

I really don't need 52+ page sized little quiltlets. That doesn't include the ones from last year. sheesh. So I've just been trying to finish something to end the week with. I'm getting stuff done. I'm also "putting off short term pleasure, for long term gain" to quote my rooster's favorite 'you need to grow up' speech.

So today I said 'no' to what I wanted to do and did what I had said I wanted to do.

I made my small runner inspired by light barked trees against a sky.

Not quite what I envisioned but a great try; I learned a thing or three, and I really do like it. :)

That's why it isn't quite finished because I want to hand stitch the binding.

Perhaps I'll have a better picture when I sum up the week tomorrow.

And this is what I really wanted to work on:

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh but I LOVE what you made. Gorgeous, even if you DID have to hand stitch it. Happy weekend.