Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunny summing up!

WOO HOO! A sunny day!


1) The veranda focus became the bedroom focus. Hard to get into the outdoor room when I was in my winter gear!

2) The flower beds are cold, wet and full of dandelions which luv cold and wet. grrrr

3) I have at least begun to look for my stabilizers so I can begin the thread tests. I don't want to make a book but I may make a box to store the loose pages in.

4) A mixed up week as I was away from home 3 out of 5 days! Must be some kind of record. But I did start a mixed media technique.

5) My DD's quilt top has been smoothed and repinned. I do have all the pieces and extra fabrics in a basket so I can begin to sort out where I am. I also need to establish a perfect seam allowance that matches the old one. I need 2 more rows and I can't quite remember what the next colour combos are.

Hopefully I'll absorb lots of sun rays next week and spring ahead with a gigantic leap.


Vicki W said...

Gosh, you get a lot done every week!

Createology said...

Sunshine? Now we are expecting rain and snow. I love the bedroom you have shown. You always amaze me with all the many things you get done in a day or a week. Happy weekend my dear...