Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Much ado

I'm multi tasking in a mindful way. I know I start too many things but I have only added something that does need finishing this summer and I have a deadline happening right now. ;^)
I also rush the finishing way too much so this will give me some thinking time.

I did quilting on the challenge. I also did some ripping to make it better. It is awaiting the facing as I consider if it is done.

I have a top I did as a quilt along. It is okay but not necessarily a keeper. My niece is marrying this summer and I think it is 'her'.

Now she may have some European influences in spite of being a modern gal so I got some striped backing on sale that has all the colours. Not such a great look in the photo but I'm feeling good about it. There is a golden yellow in that yellow brown.

As I was pondering the convergence I got the quilt sandwich ready. I can take the time to pin baste it as I think about the applique on the convergence. In fact I stopped pinning because I have already changed my mind about how I was going to do the MQing so I'll start pinning it differently. I was going to just do wavy lines up and down but I think a wavy checkerboard might be better. Heck, even faster!

I did cut some fusible backed motifs while I considered the MQing options and I have slept on their placement. This picture will be helping me decide if I need more/less/different, and how to finish them.

So you see it is much more than "much ado about nothing"!!!


Vicki W said...

I love that pop of teal among those yellows!

True Blue Nana said...

I agree with Vicki, the teal is great with the yellow. Yellow is not my favorite color but it shows up well in quilts.

Createology said...

Your quilts are really coming together. I am always amazed at how much you get done in the same amount of time that I seem to flitter away. Hmmm...I better follow through on that thought. Marvelous May Miss Elle...