Thursday, May 26, 2011


Cutting grass seems such a waste of time. There are lots of other things I'd rather be doing. And I can't exactly make notes of all the bright ideas I get as I rotate the lawn because when I don't pay attention I inevitably cut off something I shouldn't. Yesterday it was a fall planting I neglected to see in the long grass! Drat!

Today I finished up the rest of the yard. I hope it met the Inspector's approval! lol
We had a very heavy frost and the transplants are shivering!

Perhaps we can get the trees and shrubs in now that I've given the yard a 'once over'. It was a hard year as things didn't harden off properly last fall. I see one dead tree by the garden shed and my hedge has taken a serious beating.

Can you see the young tree has leaves on one branch and the others are 'deciding'? I know grass clippings shouldn't be in the flower beds but the wind is usually blowing the wrong way!

I got this bowling ball at the thrift store. I wonder if it would hold paint on its roundness?

And speaking of clippings...I've been trying to get blocks together for the veranda quilt. I have some rejects but I luv working in a scrappy 'as you go' format because I can tweak as I go!

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True Blue Nana said...

Mowing grass is one of those mindless chores that have to be done, sort of like vacuuming. That's a awfully cute kid in the first picture!!